Simply put, they are terrific to work with

I’ve worked with Nancy Gefen and Kathy Green on the purchase of two homes and on the sale of one. Simply put, they are terrific to work with. Buying and selling a home can be incredibly stressful, and Nancy and Kathy are the most unflappable, patient, and supportive partners throughout every step of the process. We trusted their advice and counsel completely, because when you know that someone is truly looking out for you, and would never recommend anything that wasn’t in your best interest, it’s easy to move forward with decision-making. They made an often-complicated process as simple and as seamless as it’s possible to be. They are truly advocates for their clients, and always went to bat for us in every possible way. We initially met them both in a professional capacity as our realtors, but through working with and getting to know them, now consider them both to be good friends.